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How To Produce Radio-Ready Chart-Topping
Electronic Music
 - In ANY Genre - 
With The Equipment & Software You Already Own

(this works for everyone - even if you're BRAND NEW to music production) 

What You'll Learn During the Workshop:


Part 1: How to create KILLER ideas on demand (even if you aren’t feeling inspired).

Part 2: How to get “un-stuck”, and take your ideas from 16-bar loops to FULL tracks in record time.

Part 3: How to CRUSH your learning curve, and get your music sounding polished and professional WITHOUT years of frustration and headache!

BONUS: Learn the VERY FEW plugins it’s actually WORTH investing in to get a pro-level sound, and save $$$ in the process!

Your Host: Will Darling,
Grammy-shortlisted music producer
and EDM Tips Founder